Monday, September 12, 2011

My Invention!

My belief with this webcomic blog is to be true to myself. Unfortunately for you, I am inconsistent and sometimes all over the place as a comics creator. It's hard for me to make a strip if I don't believe in it (even if it is just a poop joke). I know I keep my readers waiting and I'm sorry for that. I'd rather put out a strip that's really nice looking instead of just rapidly cobbling them together.

Here's the poll outcome from last time:

What is the magical essence the crystal ball speaks of?

Poo voodoo (48%)
moisturizing lotion (11%)
babe power (18%)
a secret potion (11%)


  1. Hear hear about staying true, please do!

  2. are we about to see a SUPER POOP????

  3. Thanks naam, will do. for whoever you are asking about a SUPER POOP, we'll see.

  4. I so agree with you Justin on staying true to yourself in your work. I need to remind myself of that more often when I get all anxious about putting my art out there. It's the ONLY way to go. And you, as usual, are wonderful and your comic is adorable. So happy to see Poo!

  5. cool stuff. thanks for the posts.