Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Remind Me of the Poo

This week, we return to the fate of Poo and Nut in the wizard's tower!

During the last outing, I asked you to vote on proposed Mythfits pop icons! Here they are in order of vote popularity:

Lady Gorgo (40%)
Britney Sphinx (30%)
Medusa (23%)
Sirena Aphrodite (20%)

It seems most of you favor Lady Gorgo.  ( O_O )

Although Britney Sphinx came in second, she made an appearance and asked a riddle. I want to congratulate Mythfits reader Steve Booher for correctly answering it. Steve, if you're reading this, kindly shoot me your address for a surprise!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lady Gorgo


Several months ago, you voted about what Robot was giving Unicorn in the last strip:

a floppy disk (43%)
pure love (23%)
hugs & kisses (8%)
tickles (2%)