Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This little nut last appeared here, here, and here. Now his story continues...

Readers of MYTHFITS sure know how to handle a poll. Thanks to those of you who voted while Unicorn was recuperating. Here's the results:

You thought Robot was going to...

administer a shot (51%)
probe Unicorn (42%)
squirt robo-pee (10%)
caulk the waindows (8%)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A little something from the sketchbook... that's Poo in the lower corner, playing in his own filth.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feel Better with Mythfits

Thanks for all the well-wishing while I was sick. I hope you like the new strip. Take a moment to vote in the new poll and if anyone else wants a Poo doll, I have three left! ( ^_^ )

Results from the last poll are tallied:

Mythfits readers are...
unicorn voyeurs (50%)
poo freaks (40%)
controlling gods (32%)
robot interlopers (22%)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MYTHFITS become reality

I want to apologize for not posting a new comic and poll this week. The weekend brought with it a nasty Summer flu. I was hacking up stuff that looked like Poo, except it was green (TMI?) and I even had a fever. I'm finally feeling 100% better and back to my usual, blogging self.

And boy, do I have a special surprise to show you! Tara Martin, of Loffie's Randoms, has created AMAZING three dimensional models of Unicorn & Robot from Mythfits! Check them out! I'm blown away by her talent and craftsmanship in sculpting these two guys. Check out all the angles of Robot here, all the angles of Unicorn here, and her process here.

I am honored by this, Tara, and I really hope we can get vinyl toys made from your designs. I'd love to see the Mythfits characters as a series of collectible figures!

I'd love to know what you think of these... [ ^_^ ]

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Those Hateful Nuts

Looks like some of those nuts got what they deserved. Are you happy? Beezlebub's going to have himself a delicious acorn protein shake.

Based on the last poll, let's see what you think Poo deserves in his situation:

rescuing (41%)
a break (35%)
to be zapped (22%)
torture (21%)

Wow, I can't believe a minority of you actually want Poo TORTURED. Mythfits sure has some sick readers... hee hee.

BTW, Poo dolls are still up for grabs! $10 (plus $5 for shipping and handling) gets a fresh pile of smiling poo shipped to your doorstep. Pay with PayPal through the "donate" button (on the right) and make sure you include your mailing address. ( '_' )