Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watercolor Wednesdays

Why not? When I'm not digitally coloring my MYTHFITS strip, it's fun to play with paint.

This is a MYTHFITS-inspired self portrait for the San Francisco gallery, Kokoro Studio. My friend, Keiko, is organizing a fabulous group show featuring multiple artist "visages" looking out at the viewer. I couldn't resist featuring Robot & Unicorn and friends in mine.

Another MYTHFITS comic is coming soon, so please stay tuned! And if it's not a hassle, vote in the poll on the right. Serious research is being conducted...


  1. Hohoho...!
    I like double meanings pictures and this one is marvellously and clever!
    P.S.: Nice haircut Justin ;D))

  2. Thank you, Tomek. I love that you think it's clever. :)

  3. Masterful use of watercolor and imagery. Not to put any pressure, but you make my life bearable:*>

  4. That is the nicest compliment, Astrocrud. By the way, I love your name, and your interesting paintings. I will try to keep Mythfits going strong.

  5. Wow...this is actually really impressive!

  6. This has very good composition and abstract imagery! It's amazing to say the least. It should be on t-shirts. I would wear it. Also, your blending skills are marvelous.