Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sorry there wasn't a strip this week. I got a BIG freelance job that's due VERY soon, but I promise to keep rolling out the strips as soon as it's completed. Until then, I want to show some fun pics of the Robot and Unicorn figurines that Tara Martin of Loffie's Randoms made for me. I'm in love with them. I like to play with them. I'm a big dork. Last week, I sent pictures of them to Kidrobot. Hopefully, I can convince someone to make them into vinyl toys. If you know of anyone with vinyl connections, please let me know [ ^_^ ]

Here's the results from last week's poll:

The lost little nut should never have...

eaten a bad mushroom (39%)
run towards a tower (39%)
fallen off Robot (21%)
bolted from bolts (17%)


  1. Oh hello, terribly attractive males.

  2. Justin, those are just wonderful! I could add Mythfits to my figurine collection, right along side Captain Kirk, Captain Jack Sparrow (who talks) and Hurley from LOST. Ha, I'm a dork too. Please, please talk her into making a Poo figurine too! Oh, and maybe a Justin Winslow figurine... now there's an idea!

  3. The amazing thing about those figures is how closely they resemble your original drawings, so awesome! These would make KILLER vinyl toys, best of luck with Kid Robot!

  4. so cool... by the way, for the new poll, I choose all the answers :P

  5. Try Andrew Bell: or 3A toys (by Ashley Wood):

    Good luck!

  6. your blog is like the cutest thing ever!!
    we love it!!

  7. I would love to see some toys men. :) I would put um next to my big KAWS toy. Oh and I love pic 3 ^_^

  8. woah! good luck with the freelance job! and yes, those toys I would buy ASAP.

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