Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa needs to bring some Mythfits... all the good boys and girls out there. Santa is ashamed of me for not posting a strip in so long. Rest assured, one is coming this week. 3 months of strenuous freelance work has been completed since my last strip was posted and I'm ready to start fresh at the new year with more adventures. It takes money (and time) to make Mythfits, so I had to make sure my bills were paid and my Christmas presents for others were bought. I hope you don't think I'm a big stinky asshole.

I truly wish you all an awesome holiday season. Here's some Mythfits themed cards I made:

Below is a painting I did that was commissioned for Kokoro Studio in San Francisco for their Christmas YULE exhibit. I left out Unicorn, but it's still heavily Mythfits inspired.


  1. finally :)
    uh oh, robot is having an affair while Unicorn's away

  2. Mythfits? What Mythfits; Hmm ... ?
    I think this was something before long long tim ... Ho ho ho!
    Finally you've survived, that's good. Welcome back Justin!
    From the awesome painting, I see that you didn't lose your Mythfits skills.

  3. Thanks guys. You are loyal supporters ( ^_^ )

  4. Incredibly good \o/

    Greetings from Brasil \o/