Friday, March 4, 2011

Be Gentle

Last week, you voted that Unicorn and Robot will surely...

rescue Poo (54%)
make love (43%)
ignore Poo (7%)
break up (7%)

I'm over-ruling your votes to allow a little robot-on-unicorn action.


  1. Robot's CPU CORE is Super Hot !

  2. Unicorn is sooooooo sexy! But robot better use his hard drive rather than his floppy disk don't you think?

  3. Last MONTH, not last week!
    Much appreciated update <3

  4. Mokshu, your comment blew my mainframe! LOL

    Robin, you are SO right about a hard drive being preferable to a floppy disk. Thanks for finding Unicorn so seeexy :)

    Bisou, thanks for the correction. You are right [ -_- ]

  5. How long you spend to draw the strip? Simple curiosity.

    (sorry for bad english, i'm french ^^.

  6. Ugh... that's the problem. The strip probably looks very simple to make but I actually spend about 3 to 5 hours on each one, depending on complexity. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

  7. I believe it Justin. Each comic is a piece of art and your hard work and perfectionism is APPRECIATED!

  8. looking at the new vote,
    why floppy disk? that's so billion years ago!
    *but voted for it out of curiosity :p

    -MSR (Mythfits' Sick Readers)-

  9. Robin, thank you for the awesome compliment! Thanks :)

    Zuperdzigh, I guess when it comes to technology, Robot's prototype is a bit behind the times :)

  10. Me gusta tanto este blog!!
    Son una pareja encantadora..
    Yo quiero que estos sí vivan felices para siempre.

  11. Hi Carmen! I had my Brazilian lover translate your comment :)

    I will try to make sure that Robot & Unicorn live happily ever after. Sorry it takes me a while to update. I've been busy job searching.

  12. Good luck!
    Eagerly awaiting the next post :)

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