Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feel Better with Mythfits

Thanks for all the well-wishing while I was sick. I hope you like the new strip. Take a moment to vote in the new poll and if anyone else wants a Poo doll, I have three left! ( ^_^ )

Results from the last poll are tallied:

Mythfits readers are...
unicorn voyeurs (50%)
poo freaks (40%)
controlling gods (32%)
robot interlopers (22%)


  1. haha, i just saw your comment on the blog i share with my friends. xD we all have our own private blogs, and we used to reply to each other on there.. but now we just comment. ;P im glad you think im awesome?! lol. but i cant make magic happen like you sooo. keep up your good work!

  2. Hmm, I wonder what inspired this *rubs chin lol

  3. THE SECRET OF GENDER IS REVEALED! *points to the line where robot address Unicorn as sir* now the question is, what gender is robot? Male is my guess...

  4. Thanks, Squiggle. You're sweet :)

    Yes, Topher, you might have had a role in this [ ^_^ ]

    Buddhist_nymph, I'm not saying another word. They might even be lesbians. Who knows...? ;)