Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Those Hateful Nuts

Looks like some of those nuts got what they deserved. Are you happy? Beezlebub's going to have himself a delicious acorn protein shake.

Based on the last poll, let's see what you think Poo deserves in his situation:

rescuing (41%)
a break (35%)
to be zapped (22%)
torture (21%)

Wow, I can't believe a minority of you actually want Poo TORTURED. Mythfits sure has some sick readers... hee hee.

BTW, Poo dolls are still up for grabs! $10 (plus $5 for shipping and handling) gets a fresh pile of smiling poo shipped to your doorstep. Pay with PayPal through the "donate" button (on the right) and make sure you include your mailing address. ( '_' )


  1. Is it too wrong of me to imagine NOM's Maggie Gallagher in that blender?
    Awesome comics, as per usual!


  2. oops, I'm one of the sick readers then :D

  3. Loved today's comic. And you know what I voted for, I'm sure. (So far I'm the only one. Am I deranged?)

  4. Oops, I've just became a member of MSR (Mithfit's Sick Readers) and share my concerns with Zuperdzigh. Hahaha!
    You know, I was thinking about something painless, something like ... perfumes (?)
    Great "job" Justin (*;*)

  5. My friend just sent me this and I think you will think its funny ^_^

  6. James, Thanks! Also, I watched that lady on CNN and I want to stuff her in a blender too.

    Zuperdzigh, I won't tell anyone ;D

    Robin, thanks, and I think I know how you voted! Apparently, you're not alone!

    Tomek, MSR... I like the sound of that. I love my sick fans, possibly more than my normal ones! And I think you're on to something hilarious with that perfumes suggestion. Thanks :)

    XxmadmanxX, thanks for the link. I watched it and it's pretty great! Very funny footage. I enjoyed watching the Westboro Baptist Church members slither away.

  7. Querido Justin,eres una MARAVILLA!!

  8. lol blender of doom! I heart this comic. <3

    thanks for stopping by at my blog!

  9. Thank you, Carmen and Lost In Mechanics :)