Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't do it!

I was out of the country, visiting Rio and Curitiba in Brazil, but I'm back and ready to keep MYTHFITS going. I'll be posting a new strip each week, possibly more often. Thanks to everyone for stopping by to read. I'm enjoying these characters.

According to polls, readers of MYTHFITS will be fans as long as... the strip is updated more often (29 votes), Unicorn & Robot always love each other (17 votes), there's talking mushrooms (10 votes), and lastly, Poo has a happy ending (6 votes).

You readers also voted on your favorite character:
Unicorn (48%)
Robot (24%)
Poo (21%)
undecided (19%)

Startling results! Thanks for voting.


  1. Looking forward to your weekly comics! (new fan- Discovered you yesterday!)