Friday, May 14, 2010

Look what you've done...

Readers of MYTHFITS aren't ones to shy away from strange mushrooms. According to the poll, you felt a little nibble was in order:

Should Nut eat the mushroom?
just a nibble (37%)
sure (33%)
I'd eat him (22%)
no way (12%)


  1. Oh no! NUT! I hope he's okay.

    As for Poo, well, that's just sick. Funny and adorable. but sick.

  2. Glad to provoke several reactions from you. :)

  3. I eagerly await what comes next.
    Some wild psychedelic state with Beatle's "Tomorrow Never Knows" on background, because we had sex (Unicorn + Robot), now we have drugs, just Rock'n'Roll missing. Hahaha!
    Excellent reversal you did.
    Νo psychedelic reaction to the Poo that eats itself?

  4. Tomek, I really appreciate your kind words and funny ideas. Thanks for taking a moment to say hi. I jumped back to Robot & Unicorn for an adventure this week but will return to Nut mushroom trippin' out soon. He's going on a total bender. Perhaps Poo needs his own little hallucination too. For now, he just thinks he's delicious.