Monday, June 21, 2010

Rise and Shine!

These polls just kill me. I love you guys. Thanks to your votes, we now know that Miss Sunshine (featured in the previous comic) is:

a bitch (61%)
she's tied as a gossip (29%) and a fake friend (29%)
and lastly, a few of you consider her an airhead (8%)

Stay tuned for more MYTHFITS madness to come. Maybe you'll even affect the outcome of Poo's parasites...


  1. this is mad, never thought a poo's stories will be this complicated and funny :))

  2. Poor Poo... But now he will have built-in friends so he'll never be lonely.

    Poo and maggots... hmmmmm.... so loveable!|

  3. Thanks for the visit and for your interesting comments, Doodle Isle, zuperdzigh, and Robin. NOW BUY A DAMN, sorry about that. Sometimes I have tourettes. I'm glad to make you laugh, Doodle and zuperdzigh. Robin, poo and maggots ARE incredibly loveable. They need love too. ;)

  4. so gross and so cute at the same time.
    good work, Polaquinho.