Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ugly Piece of Crap

You get what you ask for. According to my last poll, you thought Poo should come back as:

poo (37%)
a sorcerer (32%)
Jeebus (30%)
an acorn (16%)

Having Poo come back as a sorcerer would have been fun, huh? Ohh well, look for the new poll and keep the votes coming. It's always stimulating gathering research on the magical world of MYTHFITS.


  1. The sun is such a bitch! I've always said so.
    Someone: Ooo it's sunny today!
    Me: Yeah! Bitchin!
    (We have witty conversations like that all the time)

  2. A Restraining order! For eating all the cup cakes?

  3. mkillustration, YOU are a funny man. I wish I had witty conversations like you have. I checked out your site too... awesome stuff! Thanks for the comment :)

    XxmadmanxX, I initially meant for Miss Sunshine to be referring to Poo (once she spotted him) when she suggests getting a restraining order, but it could work for robot too! Haha :)