Saturday, June 5, 2010


As you might have noticed, there wasn't a "Watercolor Wednesday" post this week. Obviously, I'm still working out my posting schedule. One day, like Poo, I hope to become regular. You CAN count on a new strip post every Monday, so this coming Monday check in to see how Poo's unfortunate situation resolves. As for the rest of each week, I'm undecided on what sort of treat to offer up. Anyway, here's an old sketch to say thanks to those of you who are friends of MYTHFITS. Oh, and extra thanks to those who "like" us on facebook [ ' _ ' ] 


  1. i think mythfits tshirts are in order. in extra large sizes... for those of us who are extra large... and who like unicorns and robots in love... and poo...

  2. All unicorns need friends! (>0_0> <0_0<)

  3. Hi eileen2000. MYTHFITS shirts will be for sale very soon. I'm on it... and I'll make sure there are XL sizes. Thanks for the interest! :)

    Hey XxmadmanxX, unicorns have way more friends than robots. In fact, everyone has more friends than the robot in this strip.