Friday, July 30, 2010

To all my favorite followers...

Hello Mythfits readers. I want to extend a special thanks to those of you who have reached out across the magical internets and embraced Mythfits, fallen in love with Unicorn or Robot, or metaphorically squeezed Poo with your blog loving embrace. You've collectively put a big smile on my face, and I want to tell you that I appreciate it.

For instance, the MAGICAL cake above was created for Andrea Alex Kutov√°, a Mythfits reader living in Prague, Czech Republic. She must be a real unicorn queen, indeed. I'm blown away by the perfect likeness to Mythfit's cute little Unicorn.

The ZUPER-talented Dessy Tab, of ZUPERDZIGH, created six beautiful, handcrafted, crocheted Poo dolls for me to sell or give away here on I'm keeping one for MYSELF, but the other five are up for grabs. Any takers?

Check out all five of these beauties below in my studio...

The awesomely cool Cain family has also been a Mythfits supporter for quite a while now. Robin Cain, webcomic creater extraordinaire, even went as far as to add Poo to one of her comics (see below)! Check out more of her fun comic work at Mindzai Comics.

In fact, it seems the entire Cain clan has embraced Mythfit's stinky little Poo. Here's Robin and her family members posing with him:

This one's my personal favorite ( ^_^ )

Thanks for the smiles, and hey, take a look below. I think I spotted Poo's swirl cone sister here on the streets of NYC. Maybe they'll meet one day...


  1. So glad you're experiencing the fanlove you deserve. :]

    I would adopt a poo, but I think he wants me dead.

  2. Justin, that is just AWES0ME!! Glad to support the embraceable Poo, marvel at Unicorn's sweet pink love, and all the rest of your mythical crew! Looking forward to seeing much more of your talented self floating around on the web... or elsewhere.

  3. oh! the poos are so tiny!!! I hadn't seen them to scale - they're so cute! and that cake... wow. It's definately a mythfits morning for me now! :D

  4. Aja, HA! Why would Poo want you dead? Are you a wizard? Thanks for stopping by! ( ^_^ )

    Robin, thanks, and I hope it's okay that I posted your fam on the blog. I told you I would! I wanted to give you a proper shout out for the pics and your comic with Poo in it! Looking forward to seeing more Mindsai :)

    Thanks, Miss Nash! Glad you're enjoying all the cake and poop :)

  5. Totally okay, Justin. I appreciate the shout out! You and your creative brain are awesome!

  6. What do I have to do to get a Poo??? I WANT ONE! I'll beg, draw, pose with it, take it to the beach... you get the drift. lol.

    I LOVE Mythfits! I tell everyone about it! You're a damn genius, Justin!

  7. ...oh, and/or actually PAY you for one. I didn't mention that. :)

  8. wow... glad to see the Poos are finally sitting at your monitor :)
    and OMG I saw Robin's comic but haven't seen the picture of the family members, especially the last one LOL
    can't wait to see more mythfits fans posing with their poo dolls

    Ps: someday I'll try making the robot too ;)

  9. how do i get a poo? would LOVE one.

  10. Thanks Robin :)

    Levi, thanks for the comment and compliment! Feel free to tell as many people as you like about Mythfits! As for Poo, my new post has instructions for what to do to get your very OWN Poo! I hope they are clear and make sense. I'd love to send you one :)

    Zuperdzigh, a crocheted Robot sounds challenging, but how COOL would that be!!!

    Whoreray/redfive, thanks for dropping by :)

    Upinmyhead, if you're reading this, please just follow the instructions in my recent post to get a Poo doll :)

  11. wooooooow what a beautiful, magical, fantastical cake.
    And that's a mr. softee truck, yay!

  12. Thanks Antonia...

    ...and yes, I have a soft spot for Mr. Softee trucks :)