Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Poo Returns

This week, that creepy wizard from way back here shows up.

As for the last poll's stats, when asked "Who's going to Hell?" you responded:

the Religious Nuts (55%)
probably me (40%)
Miss Sunshine (20%)
Poo (19%)
the Mushrooms (10%)
Maggie (6%)
Leslie (5%)
Robot (5%)
Unicorn (4%)

Plus, a couple of you left sweet messages declaring that NOBODY is going to Hell. What an open-minded and forgiving readership you are. However, a lot of you have it in for undeserving little Poo. Poor, poor, misunderstood Poo.

Keep voting and be our friend ( ^_^ )


  1. Hmmmmm... I'm a little bit scared for Poo. That wizard can't be up to any good... or can he? YOu are messing with my brain...

  2. Wow! Religious Nuts, Creepy Wizard, Unicorn & Robot in Love and in the middle of all these, the confused little Poo! It isn't so bad and I'm starting to like it very much. Hahaha...

  3. Robin, you crack me up. Am I really messin' with your head? haha... it's very sweet of you to fret over Poo. I'm sure he'll be okay in the end. He's like a cockroach. He'll never go away.

    Tomek, you're back! Thanks for saying hello. I'm glad my little storyline is making SOME sense. I'm trying to "weave" all the various threads together. and yes, poor Poo is confused in the crossroads.

  4. Poor sweet poo! I don't why, but I love saying that!

  5. It's just a victim of circumstances. I think the scenario goes very well and you play smart (up and down) with the characters. With ...the readers also. Haha!
    PNAU - Baby. Wow! Nice song and nice video.

  6. Hey Gina, thanks for stopping by and giving Poo some well deserved sympathy :)

    Tomek, I really appreciate this feedback. Thank you. I worry about the story flow and character development all the time...seriously! Your comment helps me to feel secure about it.

  7. it's getting more and more interesting :)