Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's That Noise?

Last week's poll was interesting! According to the people, that little religious nut...

is brainwashed (57%)
has some nerve! (34%)
is like my family (24%)
is right! (7%)

Your opinions on the nut are fascinating. I'm glad most of you voted the nut was brainwashed... but I was surprised 7% of you thought he was right. Somewhat diverse readership here at MYTHFITS. Excellent. Don't forget to vote again...


  1. But there is no new vote :(

  2. In the new vote I was going to say, "nobody". Can that be one of the choices? It isn't very funny, but it's what I think!

  3. /me votes against unfunny poll choices!

  4. Dam you religious nuts!!! Its nuts like you that make me not want to come ou.......sorry, I should say I think this is going to be a good story ^_^

  5. oh, man... I want poo and the nut to go to hell... It would be fun.

  6. Robin, I'm SORRY. I was going to add "nobody" to the poll as an option, but it won't let me edit it because people have voted already! If I edit it I will loose votes. You are a good person :)

    qubodup, I'm sorry you don't find the poll fun :(

    Cassie, thank you! [ ^_^ ]

    XxmadmanxX, thanks and I hope you are able to come out :)

    Alex, I owe you a big thank you for sending people my way. How did you get so many followers? Wow, man, you rule the internets! You're so very talented, brother :)

  7. I seriously don´t know what happened :( it´s weird, if I knew what I did I´d tell you :)... please, the nut needs to meet stan!

  8. Well, thanks again Alex! Your mention really gave a boost to my readership. And as for the Nut meeting Satan, you mean the Religious Nut, yes? I think that can be worked out :)

    ...oh, and Mara, I'd love to hear more about your point of view.