Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...Uh Oh

What does the wizard want from Poo?
According to the last poll, here's what you thought:

an ingredient (50%)
his pretty smell (40%)
a friendship (19%)
a hostage (13%)

Only future strips will reveal the true fate of Poo! Stay tuned,
and in the meantime, knock yourself out with the new poll.

Thanks for visiting!  ( '_' )


  1. I always like how such simple things can give you such a nice atmosphere. Tower in the storm ... Simply amazing!
    I suspect on how to continue the story but that's why I like Mythfits, because you never know ... hehe
    Time to vote!

  2. He just grabbed Poo's hand... His hand is full of poo..

  3. I have nooo idea where this is going but am now waiting for new 'episodes' haha. Did I tell you already I love your site?

  4. Poor Poo... I hope Wizard is really EVIL because I need someone to hate... and I love Poo, if something happens to him, ooooooo! Justin, your drawing/art is magnificent, beautiful, lovely colors, charming characters. I love your site... will you do a Mythfits collection sometime? I would buy that!

  5. Hi Tomek, I'm glad you like the lightning around the tower. I wanted it to look REALLY SCARY ;) Thanks for your comment... you might have figured out where Mythfits is going. Maybe I should ask readers to draw an outcome one week?

    Marcelo, that's a really GOOD point! I didn't think about how the wizard would probably be too disgusted to grab Poo's hand! :)

    La Ninja, your observation is soooooo true. LOL ( ^_^ )

    Topher, thank you for the compliment. It's reactions like this that keep me going :)

    Robin, I love how involved you're getting with Poo :) He would be so happy to know he has a fan in you. Just remember, if something does happen to him, you still have your own soft, squishy Poo doll to keep safe! And thank you for the lovely compliment on the art. I plan to do a Mythfits collection eventually, when I have enough strips, so thanks for asking. [ ^_^ ]