Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poo's Activity Page

Hai! It's mid-week, so take a break, set your work aside, and follow Poo through this happy little maze. Who knew digestion could be such fun, right?

Oh, and if I ever get the TIME and MONEY to do a Mythfits music video, I'd love for it to look like this. Any collaborators out there?
( ' _ ' )


  1. i'm in!

    though, i'm assuming you live somewhere far away from & much more exotic & exciting than southern illinois.

  2. OMG I love this activity page!
    but I think I have to print it first, or I would just do it at my monitor using my marker :P

  3. Thanks Dessy! You're supposed to cut it out along the dotted lines off your monitor! ;)

  4. I would definitely wear this if it were a t-shirt

  5. Your comics are cool!!
    I am here because of "stuff no one told me".
    Oh, and just to make you happy (i think), i'm from brazil! Your comics are famous, hehe

  6. Good idea, Luke! This as a T-shirt can be arranged... :)

    Rachel, thanks for saying hello! I love Brazil. I was in Rio and Curitiba earlier this year and I loved my visit. :)

  7. hey, alex from SNTM sent us over here and I'm glad he did.
    totally digging poo's intestinal maze! :)

  8. Thanks la ninja :)

    I owe Alex a big thanks too for recommending me to peeps!

  9. everyone that i've shown this blog to has a great giggle!
    and my 6.5yr old son LOVES The Poo! lol... as if little boys talked about anything else... *sigh*
    keep up the good work!

  10. This is soooo Funny ! I 'm giggling into my coffee!
    you've done it again!

  11. Dallie, thank you so much for the compliment, and for showing my blog to others. I'm torn sometimes, because I know kids might enjoy Mythfits but sometimes some of the themes are for adults. I'm glad your son gets a giggle out of Poo! Yay :)

    John, I'm glad I caused you to giggle in your coffee. Thanks :)

    ...And Robin, you flatter me! [ ^_^ ]